Eventric Master Tour

Master Tour is a web based musical act booking and management system. It allows bands and their managers to coordinate and schedule tours in an efficient and organized way.


The client asked Nighthouse to create a few mockups of both the login page and the main landing page while keeping the overall existing structure of their current site.

A main requirement of this design was that it be built with CSS/SASS and html only and be extremely lightweight. The portal needed to be efficient.

In order to add splash images, Nighthouse designed graphics that could be exported to pure CSS code and inserted directly into the HTML page. This kept the filesize to a minimum without sacrificing the website’s design.

We created several different potential login page designs that were highly customizable. Using CSS/SASS allowed us to change variables to quickly and easily swap out design elements and colors without needing to completely rewrite the code.


Below is an example of how drastic the design could change by simply altering a few variables.

Nighthouse Website Design